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Welcome to Carburetor City, Supplier of Premium Quality Carburetor Rebuild Kits

You are currently on the corporate website of Carburetor City.
This is not a shop but the showcase for our products and our company.

A little introduction on how Carburetor City came into being:

Being classic car and motorcycle crazy ourselves, we were faced with the fact that, as time progresses, more and more of the famous names in the carburetor industry were being swallowed up by automotive giants and disappeared into the mists of time…
Mass-production and consequent profit requirements lead to these giants rendering more and more parts and rebuild kits obsolete, leaving the classic car and bike owners empty-handed.

At the same time, owners of classic vehicles are confronted with the negative effects of aggressive modern fuels with high alcohol (Ethanol) content that wreak havoc on decades-old rubber parts, gaskets, seals, diaphragms etc.
This makes it more of a challenge to keep these vehicles in roadworthy condition.
While this increases demand for these parts, the supply was falling badly behind.

Born out of frustration over the above situation, Carburetor City is an initiative of Classic Jack and sets out to supply, where and when possible, aforementioned owners with the carburetor parts and service kits to keep their vehicles in a roadworthy condition.

For this purpose, we source parts from selected subcontractors in the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Japan.
Those individual parts are then put together to form complete carburetor rebuild kits which we market under the Carburetor City brand.
The kits typically consist of all the parts that are subject to wear and deterioration such as gaskets, diaphragms, washers and o-rings.
We choose the best materials, such as fuel-resistent polymers for our o-rings, and the best subcontractors to be able to offer service sets with the best value-for-money.
Putting together these sets and kits is very labor-intensive and as a consequence, we are still building our catalog.

So please join us while we keep developing Carburetor City!

Are you a reseller with an affection for (vintage) cars and motorcycles?
Would you like to add a profitable range of high quality products to your offerings?
Then please don't hesitate to contact us through the contact page to become a Carburetor City Reseller.

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Carburetor City Carburetor Rebuild Kits
The best service kits in town!


Air Cut Valve set for Keihin Carburetor on Honda VFR750R KSKACV024K


Rebuild Kit for Weber DCNF 44 Carburetors for Ducati Paso DM0190

KSKY0776N Elaborate Rebuild Kit for Mikuni BDST carburetors for Yamaha TDM 850

Elaborate Rebuild Kit for Mikuni BDST carburetors for Yamaha TDM 850 KSKY0776N


Rebuild Kit for Solex 32 SEIEA carburetor for Renault 16 TS PMS126


Rebuild Kit for Weber 36 DCNVH Turbo Version carburetors for Maserati Biturbo PMW231


Rebuild Kit for Solex 31 PICT 3 carburetors DM0308


Rebuild Kit for Aisan carburetors for Toyota Corolla PMH6


Service Kit for Solex 34 TBIA + 35 CEEI carburetors for Renault Alpine V6 GT PMS357


Rebuild Kit for Aisan carburetors for Suzuki SJ410 PMH9


Rebuild Kit for Aisan carburetors PMH8


Rebuild Kit for Solex 32 PHH carburetors for Lancia Fulvia 2C CCR9534


Rebuild Kit for Solex 32 BIS carburetors PMS218


Rebuild Kit for Solex 22 ICBT carburetors CCR4658


Rebuild Kit for Solex 32 DIS carburetors PMS163


Rebuild Kit for Stromberg 125 CD carburetors PMS207NV150


Rebuild Kit Weber 32 DRT Carburetors PMW228


Rebuild Kit for Solex 30 PAAI carburetors CCR4499


Rebuild Kit for Weber 26 IMB 10 Carburetors PMW141


Rebuild Kit for Solex 28 CIC Carburetors PMS117


Rebuild Kit for Stromberg 150 CD carburetors PMS207


Elaborate Rebuild Kit for Weber 32 DARA Carburetors 92130.205


Service Kit for Solex 34 TBIA + 35 CEEI carburetors for Renault Alpine A310 V6 PMS357


Service Kit for Pierburg 2B4 Carburetors for BMW 518 PMS206


Elaborate Rebuild Kit for 1 Italian Weber 38 DCOE Carburetor